Green County Board: Important Information and Deadlines

Now is an important time for the Green County Board of Supervisors! Eight County Supervisors have announced that they will not be seeking reelection. Further, redistricting has created two additional vacant seats.

We need your help to fill these vacancies with good conservatives who will protect our liberties! Whether it be mandatory masks and vaccines or Dominion voting machines and election integrity, the Green County Board deals with many important issues.

Will you help us keep Green County free? Consider running for Green County Board!

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What is the Green County Board of Supervisors?

According to the Green County official website, “The Green County Board of Supervisors is a body of government comprised of 31 elected supervisors, one from each district in the county. Supervisors are elected for two year terms in even years. The board is a policy making body of county government, and establishes county ordinances, levies taxes and appropriates money for services.”

All 31 County Board Seats will be up for reelection on April 5 of 2022. We need to stay informed and get involved in this important election!

Who is my Green County Supervisor?

To find out who represents you on the Green County Board, you will first have to find out what district you live in. You can do that using this simple PDF map, or this more detailed online map.

Once you know your district number, you can use this list of Green County Supervisors to find out who represents you!

What are the duties of a County Supervisor?

The County Board as a whole meets once each month, usually on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

In addition, each County Supervisor serves on 2-3 committees, which usually meet either monthly or quarterly. Most of the work in Green County Government gets done in committee. These committees include the Health, Human Services, Law Enforcement & Public Safety, and Highway Committees, to name a few. View the full list of committees.

County Supervisors are paid $40 for each meeting they attend, plus mileage.

Which County Board Districts will be vacant in 2022?

Eight County Supervisors will not be seeking reelection:

Gary Neuenschwander – District 2
Kate Maresch – District 5
Steve Borowski – District 7
Oscar Olson – District 10
Arthur Carter – District 16
John Bernstein – District 19
Karl Blumer – District 23
Beth Luchsinger – District 28

Further, the Green County Board recently redrew its district lines to follow the latest census. This redistricting created two additional vacancies: Districts 20 and 25.

How do I run for Green County Board?

Nomination Papers: In order to get on the ballot, you must circulate and submit nomination papers. This will involve getting the signatures of at least 20 eligible voters from your county supervisory district. You can start getting signatures on Dec. 1, and you must submit these signatures to the County Clerk by Jan. 4.

Other Forms: You will also have to fill out and submit a Declaration of Candidacy as well as a Campaign Registration Statement by Jan. 4. See this checklist to find out more about the required forms.

We know that all these forms and requirements can sound confusing. However, the Green County Republican Party is here to help! If you are a strong conservative considering running for local office, we’d love to get in contact with you and answer any questions you might have.

Are there also School Board offices up for re-election next year?

Yes! There are important School Board elections April 5, 2022. The following are the number of School Board seats up for reelection in each school district:

Albany – 3
Brodhead – 2
Juda – 2
Monroe – 3
Monticello – 2
New Glarus – 2

For more information about Green County local government, please check out our Local Government page.