Green County Board Passes Mask Resolution

On September 14, 2021, the Green County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution requiring mask wearing for all county staff and visitors in county facilities.  Although several Supervisors voted against the resolution, a large majority voted in favor of the mask requirement.  This requirement will remain in place until the CDC considers Green County to be at a “low” or “moderate” transmission level for two weeks.

This resolution was passed as a response to Green County’s increase to a “high” COVID transmission level as per the CDC.  Several Department Leaders and County Supervisors spoke of the importance of masking for public health, as well as to prevent lost revenue as a result of employees being quarantined with COVID-19.

One Supervisor expressed concern over the mask requirement.  He stated that the CDC considers 1 positive case per 1,000 individuals to be “high,” and 1 in 10,000 individuals to be “moderate.”  Using Monroe High School as an example, he pointed out that 0.72 students could have COVID, and this would be considered a high transmission risk.  He reasoned that this is an unattainable goal.  He agreed that masks are necessary in some places, such as hospitals and nursing homes.  However, for mandates regarding the general public, he questioned, “What is next? And what is the societal breaking point with this?”

The resolution requires all county employees to mask, except for vaccinated employees who are at their workstations.  At this point, the resolution really does not provide enforcement for the general public who are not county employees.  In this case, the resolution primarily changes signs on county facilities from “masks recommended” to “masks required.”

Full Resolution Text
Full Agenda for Sept. 14, 2021 County Board Meeting

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